Canberra Dance Company aims to provide a safe dance environment for all its students and staff. We commit to doing everything we can to ensure our students are safe and feel safe at our classes and functions. Anyone causing any student or staff member to feel unsafe whether at class or elsewhere is liable to be banned from Canberra Dance Company. Canberra Dance Company reserves the right to ban any student from its classes and social events.

Canberra Dance Company does not tolerate the following on the part of its staff or students:

  • Any bullying, harassing or threatening behaviour, whether sexual or otherwise, including the use of inappropriate language, derogatory comments, unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact, malicious gossip, stalking or ostracism, whether at class or social events, or at any time.
  • Any unsafe dance practices, whether or not these lead to injury. Such practices include unsafe dance technique, inattention in class when safety aspects of moves are addressed, failure to comply with dance partners’ requirements for safe dancing, failure to report a hazard, etc.

Anyone who is made to feel unsafe or in any way uncomfortable by a Canberra Dance Company student or staff member is asked to please confidentially inform any member of the Canberra Dance Company staff. We will respect your privacy and do all in our power to ensure your safety.

Canberra Dance Company requires its staff and students to promote the safety and well-being of all its members. For this reason, staff and students are asked to:

  • Ensure that all safety instructions from staff are attended to and followed.
  • Inform any staff member at the time if you injure yourself at dancing or have a “near miss”. Many injuries can be avoided if near misses are reported early.
  • Inform your dance partners and the teacher for the night if you have an injury, illness or condition that may be exacerbated by dancing or that may affect your ability to dance safely.
  • Consider the well-being of others if you are unwell – please do not come to dancing if you are likely to transmit an infectious disease to others. 
  • Be aware that some students and staff are affected by strong perfumes. Consider using roll-on deodorant when re-applying deodorant at class. If you are using spray deodorants, please consider going outside and away from the venue door to do so.
  • Inform a staff member if you think another student is being harassed, bullied, feeling threatened etc.

Friday social dancing and travelling to and from class are separate from Canberra Dance Company events. Canberra Dance Company asks that you keep in mind your safety and that of others. Please consider:

  • Safety when getting to your car/home: consider walking/travelling with others. Be aware of others who may be walking on their own – many dancers go out of their way to walk other dancers to their cars in safety.
  • If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please seek help.
  • If you think that another dancer may be feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, please do what you can to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Remember that nightclubs and other such venues are not safe places to do aerials and moves that may endanger others.
  • If consuming alcohol, please do so in moderation and with regard for its effect on your ability to dance safely.

Minors policy:

Canberra Dance Company regret that we cannot teach minors without parent/guardian permission and the presence of either the parent/guardian or a nominated responsible adult at the class. We do not accept students under 16 years of age, and students between 16 and 18 years of age must follow the above requirement.

Workplace Health and Safety:

In addition to this policy, the Workplace Health and Safety Act covers safety requirements for small businesses, their staff and customers. Where this policy and the WHS Act are in disagreement, the most restrictive policy applies.


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